Celebration of Life and Family


“In the parking at Walmart, a teen yelled several times before it struck  she was yelling for me.  She told me she uses notes in her book every week at school.  ‘Phil, taught me that.’ She’s off probation now.  Mom popped out of the back seat and both gave me a hug.  They were waiting on her sister, who had just shoplifted food and was being interrogated by the police.  Can we reach her, too?”

Here is how you can get involved right now.  JOIN THE SOLUM COMMUNITY.
Join me and our staff and willing volunteers of healing healers, community activists and life overcomersphil during our 2017/8 Celebration of Life and Family.  Let the message of hope and community inspire you to take real action.  Join us as we celebrate our community, engage in open discussion of what can be done next, and hear reports of what is working in North Texas and the nation.  Email me phil@solumcommunity.net to get in the discussion stream.  Go here and read and hear what challenges our community soul and how we are fixing it alongside you. Then You Win


This is my life as a community activist, educator, motivator and life coach and the work of all the healed healers at SOLUM.

I need your support.  The urban-rural community needs your support.  North Texas and Cooke County need your support.  People with faces and names need your support.

GIVE HERE Well some things are just simple.   GIVE HERE


Amazing Family Builders

When you give finances you advance men and women in support of families, you give a child a parent he never had, you restore a  home and right attention to priorities, you open a wounded heart and apply love, you help a single mom get the help she needs from an absent father, you give a pastor love and encouragement, you under-gird a weary legislator, you show Christ to a dying world…. anything else?

How?  Use the online link for credit/debit giving…  GIVE HERE

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an authorized 501c3 since 2002 taking tax deductible charitable contributions to support individuals, families, children and leaders. EIN 11-3664238

Best way to support us?  With a regular commitment.  It can be monthly, quarterly, annually or when you get a bonus.  Each way provides us with  advance knowledge of how to budget and plan for working in the community.
Of course if you write a check, there is no bank service charge and the full amount goes to help others.

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National Center for Fathering – networked – certified trainer


National Christian Foundation – authorized charity

Share every good thing you have with anyone who teaches you what God has said (CEV) Galatians 6:6
I am not trying to get something from you, but I want you to receive the blessings that come from giving. Philippians 4:17