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Turning Corners with Lights Off and On

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Ephesians 1:18 that you may know…the riches of glory of his inheritance in the saints

Some days life gets dark. In all the seasons of living, the press of long days and spent emotions masks the brightness.  Resplendent glory can look like dusty downbeat.   Yet, in Christ there is a burning fire beneath the skin that will prevail.

During a deep thoughtful, not so happy set of events a group shocked me.  Walking to grab a quick lunch, the group was coming toward me.  They began whistling and grinned at me. As they walked by one mentioned loudly praising God.  This was in a staid corporate hallway. Their behavior struck me most odd.  Then I laughed.  They were whistling because I was whistling.  They were talking about me praising God.  In my down dullness light was shining.  A whistling interactive praise session had spontaneously broken out in a corporate hallway like some secret code.

In such moments we have to be humble.  Though down, discouraged, and dusty, a piece of glory can shine  through a crack in my dreary attitude.  Others respond.  Our inheritance can take over a corporate hallway or the streets of Matamoros or a muffler shop or a front office or a Wal-Mart or a coffee shop or….  Everyone benefits.  Riches of glory come in spite of us.

What a blessing God is to us.
What a great moment surrounds us.

Be blessed.
Be thankful.
Let a little crack open or even a big one.
Someone needs a little light today.

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