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The Greening of Life

Getting to Watch

Yes, this year, I get to watch the grass poke up. It happens in such a short time frame. Winter subsides and Spring engages. Dates do not matter. Weather patterns and alignments of planets and sun and moon matter. They are ready. The wood is ready. The animals are ready.

Bright blue bird and stark red jay flew through the land. They are ready. Goose honked in chorus headed for more northerly climes.

The dogwood and plum and pear are the first to leave winter and spring leaf. This year, I fenced around them to protect young shoots from hungry deer. Sorry, guys and gals. You did not leave anything for me last year. Animals only share in cartoons.

There is my favorite tufted titmouse. An odd name for a pretty songbird.

Springing My Soul
This time is about me coming alive also. Winter has been hard. Many deaths and sicknesses and tramas have hit over the years. This one was stout. Friends are suffering. That strains me in my late and early prayers.

Work in the community has been tough. There are changes. Old war horses have given up vision and are headed out to pasture. Gaps in the wall are not good. They did not train adequate replacement. They did not instill vision in another generation. Not good. Work in the community and culture will struggle.

New business is taking every thought I can think. Turning the double nickel, I am pressed to reinvent myself and everything I do. Entrepreneurs should be young of body, soul, and mind. That is not an age thing. It is a Spring thing.

Isaiah said it best. Young men will lack and suffer hunger. The lion will struggle. Those that get a postiive expectation of good and grace of the Lord will never be like that. They will walk and not faint. They will run and not be weary. They will mount up with wings as eagles. They will be strong and verdant even in their old chrononlogical age according to another writer. Let me at em.

Staying Focused in An Unfocused World

Events happen whether time is good or bad. Earthquakes are results of living in a world cursed to die. Tsunamis come when preaction turns into now action. Cause and effect come whether good or bad underlies world decisions. Pressure brings pain. Hope brings determination. All of this is true no matter the state of evil.

Middle east regimes were destined to eventually fail. Despotism does. It cannot last forever. Weakness comes into the leadership and structure. People see it and move to defeat. Hopefully, the next regime is not as destructive. At least in the beginning they won’t be that way.

The earthquake was going to happen. Plates shift. It is a physical phenomenon.

This world is cursed. It is destined to fall and fail. We can not prevent that.

We can stay focused.

We can remember that the Father is in charge.

We can remember that good prevails over evil.

We can remember that blessing overcomes cursing.

We can.

Tools ‹ prayermetro — WordPress

Tools ‹ prayermetro — WordPress.

Bird Fodder

Sitting at the lake recently, the beauty of balance impressed.

A downy woodpecker and chickadee ate on either side of a seed block for some minutes. Just a few minutes before two downy woodpeckers fought for space on the same block. As long as the chickadee and the woodpecker maintained opposite sides of the block, there was never a spat.

A foot away, several types of birds shared a feeder. Limited spaces meant they queued in other trees and took turns coming and going. It was as if someone engineered the eating.

Interspersed in all of this a tufted titmouse would fly to a spot on one tree, move to another tree, go to the seedblock, extract a seed with hull, fly out to a selected spot and then fly off. This exact sequence with the exact same spots in trees was repeated about every ten minutes.

Below the scene small birds picked up any seeds or thistle dropped and feasted. They were endless motion along the ground.

This was quiet a choreographed show. The precision and planning and cooperation was exquisite.

Why do we not live that way?

Why do humankind fight for rights and privilege instead of dancing the dance in harmony?

Several birds of odd variety and sizes all cooperate. A common flicker, four times the size of any of these other birds, ate some 20 feet away of bugs under branches. Other than the hawks overhead looking for bird supper at the dinner table, no one bothered the other for more than a wing flap. Of course, that is the balance and the way of hawks. It is their queue.

How good and pleasant it is when same folks dwell together in unity.