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Sitting at the lake recently, the beauty of balance impressed.

A downy woodpecker and chickadee ate on either side of a seed block for some minutes. Just a few minutes before two downy woodpeckers fought for space on the same block. As long as the chickadee and the woodpecker maintained opposite sides of the block, there was never a spat.

A foot away, several types of birds shared a feeder. Limited spaces meant they queued in other trees and took turns coming and going. It was as if someone engineered the eating.

Interspersed in all of this a tufted titmouse would fly to a spot on one tree, move to another tree, go to the seedblock, extract a seed with hull, fly out to a selected spot and then fly off. This exact sequence with the exact same spots in trees was repeated about every ten minutes.

Below the scene small birds picked up any seeds or thistle dropped and feasted. They were endless motion along the ground.

This was quiet a choreographed show. The precision and planning and cooperation was exquisite.

Why do we not live that way?

Why do humankind fight for rights and privilege instead of dancing the dance in harmony?

Several birds of odd variety and sizes all cooperate. A common flicker, four times the size of any of these other birds, ate some 20 feet away of bugs under branches. Other than the hawks overhead looking for bird supper at the dinner table, no one bothered the other for more than a wing flap. Of course, that is the balance and the way of hawks. It is their queue.

How good and pleasant it is when same folks dwell together in unity.

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