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Staying Focused in An Unfocused World

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Events happen whether time is good or bad. Earthquakes are results of living in a world cursed to die. Tsunamis come when preaction turns into now action. Cause and effect come whether good or bad underlies world decisions. Pressure brings pain. Hope brings determination. All of this is true no matter the state of evil.

Middle east regimes were destined to eventually fail. Despotism does. It cannot last forever. Weakness comes into the leadership and structure. People see it and move to defeat. Hopefully, the next regime is not as destructive. At least in the beginning they won’t be that way.

The earthquake was going to happen. Plates shift. It is a physical phenomenon.

This world is cursed. It is destined to fall and fail. We can not prevent that.

We can stay focused.

We can remember that the Father is in charge.

We can remember that good prevails over evil.

We can remember that blessing overcomes cursing.

We can.

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