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Be Contented, Friend

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“Never be discouraged if you don’t do too well – or over elated when you make a good play. Simply do the best you have in you again on the next down.” Bud Wilkinson writing to his son, Jay. In the same letter…. “Character, kindness, and thoughtfulness toward other people, and an unselfish attitude of service to others are the qualities which make a man.” in the book Dear Jay, Love Dad.

Matthew 6:34 So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow or the next decision or the next moment, for tomorrow and the next moment will have worries and anxieties of their own. Sufficient for each day and moment is its own trouble.

An element of success is the ability to be in the moment, focused on the moment, and not overly concerned about what cannot be controlled. Giving our best to the moment and decision and day brings good results over time and great results in our character.

Father, let Friend see success in the moments.

Let me see success in my moments.

Allow Friend to find contentment in giving the best to the decisions and days met this week.

Open a window of refreshing enjoyment of the journey this week for us.

Bless and do not hold back, Father.

You are good to all and Your tender, loving kindness covers all Your works.

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