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Flat Out Fun

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Exodus 23:5 If you see the donkey (car,truck) of one who hates you lying [helpless] under his load,(dead or with a flat) you shall refrain from leaving the man to cope with it alone; you shall help him to release the animal.(fix it and get down the road)

Flat Out Fun : After spending a few hours in a public facility, I returned to find a flat on my truck. Ram pickups are big trucks. That wheel looked imposing. My casual business dress felt restricting. Really glad I did not put on that white shirt this morning.
Immediately I set to work. Rain was coming. Lightening was threatening. Finally I figured all the needs out, dropped the spare, jacked the truck, changed the tire, put everything back and climbed in to drive home. The rain spit on me as I replaced the jack under the seat. Whew! I laughed and thanked God for muscles for the moment.

All the while, people were coming to their cars, beeping to unlock, and driving past me on the ground under the truck, by the wheel, lifting the big ol tire, and doing the deed. Where was that great security crew I saw driving around all this time? No one asked to help or even offered an encouraging word. Many passed and looked the other way.

There must be a way to make time for others. I’m sure every person felt I had the situation under control. Between me and Jesus, we did.

I laughed and had a good time and thanked God the rain held off and I was able to do what needed done. Honestly, it was fun.

That verse in Exodus used to be common practice in our nation. I grew up picking up hitchhikers and changing tires on the side of the road for others. In our age of cell phones and hurry-up, we seem to have lost time for others. I am just as guilty as any. The moral center of our nation is skewed a different direction. I don’t have a solution, but I certainly see the issue. Somehow, we need to get back to some easy to understand scriptural guidelines of civil responsibility and common neighborliness. What an opportunity for the Christians in our nation to show the effect of reading that book with effective behaviors.

Father, we could sure use some help in our courage and consideration of others. What has entered our cultural soul that enables us to walk by friend and fellow citizen and not offer our time and selves? What has happened to so busy us that we leave others to fend for themselves. Father, we need your intervention. Our view has been skewed. Our understanding has been shifted to self and hurry. Father, I am guilty. I have passed others on the road and not offered help. Cure our hearts. Bring us to a simple living of simple scriptural principles.

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