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Please excuse me for not writing sooner

After several weeks of praying for legislators in several states, these notes came in this week. Healing, peace, comfort, changed legislative results. Prayer should be effective and make changes.

Below are excerpts from notes received this week:

Please excuse me for not writing sooner. I want you to know how much I appreciate your prayers – I’ve read them all and it is a blessing.

Thank you so much

Thanks, again, Phil, for your many prayers. They certainly helped make our recently-concluded session far less confrontational than previous ones. God bless you for your thoughtfulness

a month ago, my wife and I had a deep conversation. I confessed some wounds of my past, she prayed over healing for me and confirmed her love. Since then……I have had a freedom I have never known before. So, thank you so much for praying…..I believe they are having deep influence

Thank you Phil for your prayer.

Your prayers continue to encourage me

It’s amazing how appropriate and needed your prayers are. Thank you so very much

This prayer resonates with the Sixth Step work I am doing in ,,,,,, Anonymous currently. It also fits nicely with the reflection I will be offering at my church this Sunday (the first Sunday in Lent).
Whatever spiritual path is your own, may the journey from winter to spring bring you many insights and much joy.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support. I have great news—the Lord has healed my cancer and I am in full remission. Just wanted to pass along that huge Amen to you.

Thanks. Your prayers and encouragements have sustained and blessed me.