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Consider Your Options

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Over the last few weeks, our team at work has been pounding out campaigns for clients.  Local non-profits need donor solicitation.  Sales driven businesses with complicated sales cycles need technology acceleration to assist lead development.  National software companies need event promotion and market recognition.  Agencies need to make clear notification of privacy options.  Sports teams need fan connection.  World-wide service organizations need communications among distributed operations.  Insurance companies need sales collateral specific to state and product on demand and customized to point of connection at 100 places on the same day every day.  All of these are different and common.

Communication has options.  Integration of mobile, home website, specific microsite, personalized microsite, social online, letters, postcards, event promotional pieces, custom packaging, leave behinds, buckslips, maps, business cards, banners, posters, remittance inserts, and other options is no small feat.  Cross media options must be selected and prepared with care and perfection.  Marketing the right message means options.

Communication has specificity.  There is a message and a storyline that emanates from a the people in a company.  All of that collateral must provide a single clear call to be effective.  The people in the company need to know the message and the media must deliver the message.

Communication has response.  Our slippery attention span needs immediate and concise alternatives.  Can I call you?  Email you?  Go to your homesite? Connect via my phone/tab/notebook/desktop/laptop? Visit a personal site?  Get in and get out?  Chat?  Find a person when I need them?  I need alternative ways to fit where I am at the moment.

Communication has follow through.  One of the greatest frustrations is to watch a sales or service team locked into old methods and unable to respond to open and ready buyers or interested volunteers or needful and ready reactors.  Hustle, hustle, hustle….

Just a few thoughts this morning as I head to the next ready company.  They are sports/entertainment based.  What will be that adventure?  How can we help them engage the fans?  Entertain the event attendees?  Communicate from the players to their followers?  Whew… it is fun and challenging.

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