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Faith based marriage is a great institution. Marriage is about the future not my rights.

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It seems a tragedy that some seem willing to give up clear principles of living and healthy relationships for a transitory approval of others.

No matter one’s religious background, family has been a foundation principle of our nation. That is one issue on which the president seemed to have a solid footing. His announcement stumps me. I don’t know how to rectify it.

The problem is a people in a nation that have lost attachment to principles that build healthy communities. When our focus is all about us instead of serving our families and friends and community, we begin calling right wrong and wrong right.

It is not my position to judge another’s life decisions and private actions. They answer to God alone. There is plenty of room for all of us to err in our living and still be productive and reasonably happy in this life.

It is certainly important to promote what is solid principle that works.

Family exists for the next generation. When we get focused so much on ourselves that this institution of community stability focuses on our rights and needs, family becomes a contract convenience.

Go ahead and have a contract. Form a legal partnership or llc and call it what you want. Create a new legal relationship status. But don’t confuse it with marriage or a family.

Given the nature of this outreach to all politicians, I don’t weigh in on political issues. This is not political. Marriage and family are a faith based institution adopted by the civil society.

This quite likely will open the doors of definition to multiple partners in a civil marriage. Maybe the people of faith need to step away from the civil institution and focus on the faith institution as they have become greatly separate in definition and community impact.

In Mexico, you are first married by the state and then married by the church. In the US, we still have faith anointed marriages accepted by the state instead of the other way around.

The people of God need to take their message of hope for healthy living to the streets of our nation and begin a revival of sensible and sustainable lifestyles.

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