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22 Years Are A Long Time and So Short

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Paul, the writer of many letters and teacher of the kingdom, spent 17 years in listening and serving before he preached.  That was after receiving key training as a leader in Judaism.  You would think after a personal encounter with God with lightening bots he would have gotten quick TBN exposure, book deals, and been vaunted to the top of Christendom.  

After that he had 16 years of good ministry and changed the world.

22 years ago, I took a hiatus from front line ministry.  Prior to that I had preached and taught for ten years everywhere but in churches.  Streets, homes, banks, restaurants, conference rooms, whatever were my comfort zone.  In 1994 I took a six year stint alongside a quality team helping develop a large multi-cultural congregation.. But that was church work.  Yeah, I did develop a street mission and ran it for five years.  But still it did not seem like the early days.

In the last 12 years, I’ve worked among the churches coordinating fathering events, teaching seminars and classes, and recently am back in the miracle touch of God business.

Yet, something is missing.  Something has been on hold for 22 years that is coming back into vision in a new way.  After 30 years of ministry, the core urgency of developing disciples is coming out greater than ever. And it needs to be face to face.  

People should have peacefilled, strong, charactered existence.  Mistakes will happen.  Sickness will confront health.  Disasters will intersect with simple living.  And peace should rule.  Comfort should engage.  Now, I am coming alive to see and take action once again.

It has been long, but all of the learning has been worth the wait.

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