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The New Crop Comes

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Gathering The New Crop
My heart grieves this morning for my personal losses and those of close friend and family. So many families have lost loved ones to death and to dibilitating disease and divisionings. Corporate and government redivisioning leave many standing in new venues while being separated from the familiar.
Sometimes disease is more of a loss than death. We look into hollow eyes and walk alongside those that cannot do for themselves as they would wish. New memories are being created and they have pain in them.
Death has a finality to memories. We can chose the good and remember. We can chose the smiles to remember.
Divisionings can be hardest of all. Leaders watch as lifelong investments of time and thought are torn apart and made something new, while they must fend for fresh ground and stoke vibrancy of youth to build scratch structures.
So I pray for my friends and family and self a series of prayers.
One, that the God of all Comfort wrap his arms around you and give you peace.
Two, that the peace of God that passes all understanding guard your heart and mind in Christ.
Three, that the guard over your heart give you hope in a bright future.
Four, that the bright future become your focus and smile.
Five, that your smile bring joy to those around you.
Six, that what you have left in life is enjoyed to the maximum.
It is the ones we have left after loss that mean the most. Our family and friends that are with us need our smile and bring us smiles.
This morning I put on my bigger shoes of grace and mercy and chose to greet my day with anticipation. Surely the God that has brought me thus far has further in mind. Having lost so much, there is surely much to gain. There is room expanded in my life to allow for the next phase.
Only after a field is cleared of the last crop can it be adequately planted with new.

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