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Living in Psalms in Days of Decision

Psalm 90:14 NIV
Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.

The morning represents a beginning.  Every journey has a beginning.  When God blesses and fulfills at the start we leap for joy and move more quickly through the task.

Pray for quick results in all you do.  They bring life and health when the task gets hard.

Living in the Psalms in Days of Determination

Psalm 89: 14 NIV Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. Love and faithfulness goImage before you.

Galations 3:14 NIV… so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit
5:6 NIV .. the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

Life presses. In our present economy we realistically have anywhere from a 10-15% real unemployment situation. Everyone is touched. A neighbor, a family member, and even us. The press to find a way to live a normal lifestyle is tough.

Life presses. Our political climate is challenging and mud is slinging maliciously.

Life presses. Our cultures are clashing and a disruptive dissension brews in our urban neighorhoods.

Life presses.

The press of life is not new. Economy, politics, and culture are only a few factors.

. Relationships, government, community morale, work environment, and the premises and promises that comprise our thought life also impact. The press comes from many sources internal to our soul and external in the physical and spiritual worlds.

As I look over the opportunities for life that are mine today, I rejoice in the righteousness and justice of God. I dance with delight in His love and faithfulness.

I am righteous through my faith in Christ and able to stand before the Father as an accepted Son. The is huge and a great blessing undeserved yet granted.

Justice provides a protection for me and brings His intervention at most appropriate moments. This justice also provides correction in my life that I might change and grow to conform more to His likeness and mindset and ways. When I stray, He pulls me back through life press.

Love covers the multititude of my mistakes and allows me strength. Love speaks into my heart in the hard moments and tells me I will survive and thrive over time and temptation and testing.

Faithfulness of the Father walks with me in every trial. When the press of life shakes my confidence, He stands with me until I can see again that all that counts is faith expressed in acts of love. When anger and frustration and envy and jealousy and strife and backstabbing and negative presses of life surround, I can find faithfulness in my Father that is stronger than all of these.

Understand that the Father can speak directly to your soul. Understand that He speaks directly through the actions of others.

This week I think of the confident and encouraging words of my mom. As my wife and I face many normal life presses in a compacted number of months, mom just keeps saying, “You will make it together and be stronger for it.” Her life testimony of the faithfulness and love of God provides shoulders on which I stand.

This week I remember the beautiful words of encouragement of coworkers. As my life transitions to new opportunities, many have sent thanks for the impact and influence over the years in their personal lives. What a blessing that the acceptance of righteousness, the correct view of justice, the encouragement of love, and the undergirding of faithfulness is offered me as a harvest of many years. These words are treasures I will keep in my heart and mind in days ahead.

I pray you find such treasures of the Father in your relationships in the days ahead. He is faithful and He will do it. This work He has begun in you, he will bring to full completion that you can be presented with great joy at the day of your appearing before Him. And that is my confession and belief for your life.