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Open Those Gates!

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Isaiah 60:11

Your gates will always stand open,
they will never be shut, day or night, NIV


Your gates will stay open day and night
to receive the wealth of many lands. NLT

Any sales professional should memorize these verses.  Sounds like our current economic approach to sales with internet activation.  Our gates are always open.

Yet, the verse is not meant to prophesy internet and integrated multi-channel activity.

It speaks of peace and righteousness and security.  Gates limit or allow the transaction of business and interchange of blessing.  It speaks of the ability to be open to connect with the world at all times with fears of theft and repercussion.  It speaks of a time where we are confident what we build will stand and none will take it down.

Over my life I have watched companies and ministries and whole industries vamped and revamped and won and lost. Through all of these there has been a continual gain in my life and a blessing in my family.  God has built peaceful dwelling places and secure and confident places of rest in my family and the families of my children. (Isaiah 32)

As I woke this morning, my dreams came back to me.  Through my sleep I dreamt of walking a friend through room after room of a large house where joy and blessing abounded.  In every room there was more than enough space and comfort for many.

I pray today, your life feels like this. It does not make a difference if you have a job or if you have things.  They help you feel confident.  Yet, it is the expanse of your soul and relationships that is most important.  It is the expanse of your confidence in the God of Creation and His unlimited supply that will see you through days of loss.  It is trust in the Lord Almighty, The Lord Strong and Mighty For Battle, that will open your gates so blessing may come in and blessing may go out with no fear of loss.  ( Psalm 24)

Open up those gates.  Let the King of Glory come in through them.   He brings the wealth of blessing for you.

Prayer:   Father, You are the King of Life and the Prince of Blessing.  In You, we live and move and have our being.  No weapon formed against us will come to good or permanent success. 

How foolish it looks when this world and the problems of this world come against us and attempt to shut the open doors in our lives.

Push through our fears and our reticence to trust you with open gates.  Let us swing them open wide and allow blessing to go out from us and come in to us.

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