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Scripture in Life – It takes you to your destiny

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers This week: Men’s Camp= Fathering Training Monday Night NW, Word Empowered Discipleship Tuesday on South Side, Business Profs Wed at Jesus House Mid City. Call me and connect.

Statistics on Fatherless Children in America


Matamoros Mission Newsletter

The Works of Jesus – Word Empowered Disciples

A legislator’s reply. Your support means life.

A legislator’s reply. Your support means life.
“Phil,Thank you so much for this prayer. This was exactly what I needed to be reminded of this week. As I’ve been going through this campaign season, my whole prayer has been that I wouldn’t just survive through my busy hectic schedule, but that I would thrive through Gods love and mercy. Thank you for all your encouragements and prayers. They don’t go unnoticed. “

Engage and Encourage…

The Community Transformation Initiative is about engaging and encouraging.  This quick graphic communicates some of our current vision and actions and involvements and future plans.

Engage and Encourage

Engage and Encourage

The Community Transformation Initiative

We commit to a better life for our community. We commit to a life full of graciousness and peace.  We commit to develop fathers, parents, and community leaders full of grace and peace.  We commit to offer this grace and peace in education, events, and encouragement.

How will we do this?

Family and Fathering Weekends

Encouraging Words to 7000 legislators.

Encouraging Words to 10,000 pastors.

Encouraging Words to all who will listen.

Cooperative engagements with like-hearted groups.

Why Do We Do This?

  • The United States leads the world in fatherlessness with over 40% o of our children going to bed without a father present.
  • Our fatherlessness is not just physical.  It is emotional, social, relational, and spiritual.
  • The active presence of a supportive father brings home and community health.  Studies prove that children with this advantage perform better in education, become more caring people, and avoid destructive behaviors.
  • This situation is reflective of the health of our leadership in community, congregation, and home.
  • Good leaders and good fathers are nurturing, committed, caring, alert, aware, involved, protective providers.
  • Good leaders and good fathers are supported and covered in caring community.

We commit to make a difference in the home, the neighborhood, the community, the states, and our nation.

What Is Our Status?

  • All of our successes have been due to great cooperation across the community and the part-time leadership of Phil Larson, our director.
  • Since 2002, numerous fathering and parenting citywide and focused events have been held    in cooperation with the National Center for Fathering, The Oklahoma Family Policy Council, The Oklahoma Department of Human Services, CDC, CBMC, and hundreds of other community groups and congregations.
  • Since 2002, numerous cross denominational and cross cultural events have been held developing leadership community unity.
  • Since 2002, hundreds of thousands of encouraging messages and prayers have been delivered.
  • Today, we reach 2808 legislators in 22 states.
  • Today, we reach 2000+ community leaders in congregations and businesses primarily in the Oklahoma City metro along with the Matamoros metro.
  • We understand we need full time leadership to reach the next level of community impact.  Phil Larson has made the missionary commitment to give himself fully to this effort and has exited his business professional position to see this happen.

We are committed to make a difference.

First in a series for small group use. B

First in a series for small group use. Be blessed. Reach a neighbor.
Design for Discipleship – God Cares For You http://ow.ly/ev2KF

Pray for my friend in difficult shape in

Pray for my friend in difficult shape in the hospital. http://ow.ly/ennqw