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A Moment of Decision….We intend to find out….

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Phil Larson has worked diligently for the past 15 years to strengthen fathers and families.  His efforts have provided hope for many households.  With your help he can accomplish much more and I look forward to seeing the results across Oklahoma, the Mid-West and the U.S.” Ken R Canfield PhD, Founder, National Center for Fathering, Director, Urban Center for the Family. World Impact, Los Angeles, CA.

Your support of fathers, leaders, and pastors makes enormous difference.  Together, we can educate and encourage thousands of fathers and strengthen their families by reaching where it is hard to reach.

The moral strength of our nation has atrophied in the last five decades.  Fathers need strengthening.  The leadership mindset in business, government, congregation and community develops from fathers.  The leaders developed in a world of fatherlessness need strengthening.  From 1960 forward, we have seen a disastrous rise in fatherlessness and related social ills such as divorce, suicide, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, drug usage, and moral apathy.   Unmarried birth has skyrocketed to 40% of all births and primarily to women in their twenties and thirties. 

Unmarried Mothers

The Fatherless

Fathers and Families

What love can engulf our families through the message of Godly fathering?  “I am aware that you, Phil, are a man of great persistence and determination to spread the Word of God to encourage others. ….. express my appreciation and say that I understand how important “Fathering” and good loving fathers are. My hope is that you will be successful in this effort” .an Oklahoma City dad.

Community and Congregation Leaders

What blessing can engage our congregations through powerful prayer and counsel for pastors and ministers? “You must continue to reach pastors, Phil.  You have been anointed for it.  It has meant much to me.” Pastor of a large Black Baptist congregation

Government and Legislative Leaders

What would be the impact on our nation if every legislator in our nation received hope and peace and grace as the present 3242 we reach?  “I want to take a moment to “THANK YOU” for your prayers and for every email I have received from you during this session. Sir, this is my 6th session since my initial election and, by far, this has been my most enjoyable and successful session. …I give God the ultimate credit for everything that occurs every day, but know that you deserve a tremendous amount of credit for keeping me on the right path with every expression of support and encouragement.  Thank you again and my God bless you.”

We intend to find out.

In past years, all of these areas have been a part of our efforts and energy.  Yet, there has never been enough time while working 60+ hours a week in the business community.  Now it is time to turn the tables and give the lion’s share of time to the community and flexible hours to business.  That can only happen with your help and hundreds of others like you.

Fathers count with me.

Our nation struggles with family bonding and long term fathering engagement.  The results are horrid.

Research is clear.  When the father stays actively engaged with his children, there are specific results.

1. They perform better in school.

2. They are less likely to live poor.

3. They are less likely to be engaged in criminal activity

4. They are less likely to engage in destructive behaviors such as drug use and early sexual activity.

5. They become more compassionate adults.

In Oklahoma, we started a good thrust in support of fathers in 2001 and have continued over the years.  More Father/Daughter Summits have been held here than in any other city in the nation.  Men have been trained and enabled.  Counselors and social workers and ministers have been trained in new techniques. Citywide campaigns and single congregation campaigns have educated and enabled thousands of men and women. Children have been blessed.  Community cooperation with CBMC, the Oklahoma Family Policy Council, American Fidelity, the Department of Human Services, CDC, Character First, business leaders, and hundreds of congregations has benefited us all through more family stability and generational blessing.  This has extended in support of leaders in congregations and community.

Now, I have a dream.

It is time to develop our community with targeted and morally responsible resources and support for fathers and leaders.  Right now, I am working with Carey Casey and the National Center for Fathering to bring an affiliate of the NCF to Oklahoma on a full time basis.  In January, I will meet with a brainstorm team in Kansas City at the National Center to make further plans for Oklahoma City.

We need your input and we need your support.

Dream with me.

  • An interactive resource place for men to come and receive advice and education.  Online and onsite.
  • Continual community visibility through education in business, congregation, and governmental interaction.
  • Constant equipping of community leaders such as pastors, men’s group leaders, social workers, counselors, and others to equip and empower men as effective fathers and leaders.
  • A strong and visible voice for families and fathers and two parent homes.

This dream is real.  It is in motion.  We need your support.

What dream do you have to support fathers and families? 

Talk to me now.  Don’t delay your action and your feedback.  Do something positive about the next generation.   Do something distinctive for this generation.



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