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Fathers Must Be Trained To Be Fathers

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The Heartland Center 4 Father/Leaders is working to answer questions and bring resources.

Not every resource we bring is so decidedly Christian.  This one is.  So, if you are not Christian it might not be for you.  But as a dad, Christian or not, you can ask yourself, “How deeply am I involved in the raising of my children through my personal nurturing, example and life?”

A friend asked me to invest an hour in this analysis of modern Christian approach to fathering children.  The search starts with a simple question, “Why are 80% of youth leaving the church environment?”  Seems simple to answer.  They don’t like what they are getting at home.  Why follow a failed path?  If you are going to live like the world, why not just live like the world?  If my parents talk like the television, why go through these motions?  If divorce and abortion have the same statistics in the Christian as the non-Christian home, why fake a difference? Where is my father?  Why will he not father me?  Why does he keep turning me over to others?

I wept through most of this film.  We need fathers who will love and walk with their children through the questions of life with a biblical, morally just and responsible perspective.  It is not bible thumping dads that are needed, but bible believing dads who will example life according to scriptural wisdom.

Will you invest an hour for some insight?  Here is a resource for you.

If does not provide answers you can implement hastily.

It does prick the heart of the father for his children and demand you ask yourself, “How then shall I live?”

Every day is the seed of a new generation.

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