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Interrupting Anger and Violence… Dads can do it.. #EYE2EYE @shepherdok #FathersCount

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Healthy societies stand on the shoulders of  healthy intact families.

Pat Nash

“Only in the past few years have there been in-depth studies establishing the value of authoritative, loving, accessible and responsible fathers on the lives of their children. The results reinforce what I learned directly from working with troubled kids.”

Insightful Article by Pat Nash in Baraboo News Republic

“So dads, be a big part of your children’s lives. Share physical activities; don’t be afraid to set limits and be consistent in enforcing them; teach them how to be independent; share chores with them; encourage their academic success and support their dreams, even if you have a different goal for their futures. Tell them you love them. Teach them how to be responsible by being so yourself. Because whether you realize it or not, they’re watching. It’s a tall order, but their futures depend on you.”

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