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Editor’s File: Father’s devotion

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“I wish I could say that there was some happy ending to be found in all this, or at least some great lesson about how we should live and how we should die. Maybe there is. If so, it probably is in the utter devotion of my father to the care of a woman who was in no way like the woman he spent the first 60 years of marriage with.

“These past four years have been a constant reminder that she was given to me and I to her,” he said.

And that meant doing for her all day, every day, no matter what, because love is not what we feel, but what we do.

May we all have someone who loves us as much as that.”

Editor’s File: Father’s devotion becomes source of strength — ‘She was given to me and I to her’ | SouthCoastToday.com http://ow.ly/gAuLd

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