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Sons and Fathers – DADS University is for YOU!

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DADS University starts up in January.  Join us on any Monday in January to get started.  That way you will be ready for Feb and March.

Who needs to come to DADS University?  Every son and every father over 16 should come.  Of course if you are a father, you are first a son. Every man is the son of someone.  So come.

How long does DADS University take?  That depends on you.  This is not self study.  You will not learn from yourself.  Get it?  The first level is reached in approximately 12 weeks if you stick with the program. The second level takes an additional 12 weeks if you stick with the program faithfully.  The Third Level – is reached after an additional 12 weeks and completing your internship as  a son/father.  The Fourth Level is only reached with personal coaching/mentoring by someone that has reached that level.

DADS University:  Hosted on the West Side of Oklahoma City from inception, the University designed for men will have four levels of certification.  Classes start Jan 7th.

BAM! – Be A Man – Complete Connectedness and Seven Secrets curriculum

DADS = Dynamic Active Determined Supporters.  Will complete both the Seven Secrets and Father Thirst curriculums.

Man= Most Active Nuturer – Complete Seven Secrets and Destiny coursework and have taken two other men through the Seven Secrets.

Champion – Accomplishes MAN status and completes Tower of Fathering discipline with personal coaching/mentoring.

What is a DADS?  A DADS is a Dynamic Active Determined Supporter.  A DADS is someone committed to living fully as a faithful and disciplined man and giving time to others who need a father or father figure.  We all need someone to look up to.  The younger the child, the more they need it.  That might be your own children or other fathers if you are older or kids in school through a Watch DOGS program or some other community coaching or involvement activity.

How long has DADS been around?  I started my first group of DADS around 1992.  That was 21 years ago.  We weren’t as structured back then, but men would commit to help with kids doing basketball camps and campouts and working with them on Wednesday evenings.  In 2000, we had 100 Men of Valor, who focused more on prayer and service, but a strong component was leading other men and helping them grow.  Today,  I require more out of the men that work with me.  We are looking for those few good men that will invest in thousands of other men.

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