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Go Out To Come In

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Genesis 15:7 He also said to him, “I am the Lord, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give you this land to take possession of it.”

When we follow the guidance of God, He may take us out of one place in order to put us into another place.  The next place takes possessive action.  That next level of growth does not simply come through being there.  No prophet will speak us into the next place.  No goal will achieve itself.  The words of promise and the outline of goals are good and necessary.  They do not accomplish themselves.  There is an intentional and possessive action required for us to absorb the blessing and the goals of God for our lives.

Now, God makes it clear where He wants us to go and how He wants us to act.  Yet, we must do the acting and accomplish the goals with His grace enabling us.  What He brings us into is much bigger than we will see in the beginning.  Success at increasingly higher levels is ours for the possessing.  How far we move into that blessing depends on our adaptability and tenacity to receive all He has for us.

Struggles ensue.  Hardship pummels.  Resistance presents itself.  Doubt stands as a wrangler against our fortitude.  Others question our motives.  Such is the tempest while possessing the promise.  Persistence wins.

Maybe you are struggling with coming to full realization and activation of a promise into which you have been thrust.  The old land is looking pretty good.  Retreat sounds a welcome call.  It might not be so bad just to go back, huh?  Except the place from which you were taken is no longer available.  It has changed and so have you.  The two of you just won’t fit together the same way if you go back.  Go forward.  Pursue.  Persist.  Change.

Prayer:  Father, sometimes the battle seems so long for just getting along.  Work inside us to do good and love mercy and live justice.  Mold us to be the new man or woman that is needed for the next level into which You have thrust us.  Eliminate the spirit of complacency while establishing a spirit of contentedness.  Let us not be anxious.  Neither let us be apathetic or static in our growth.  Cause our hands to know how to do the task and our minds and hearts to fully grasp the measure necessary to not just accomplish but maintain new levels of living.  Thanks, Father.  Thank You that You do not let us atrophy.  You provide a plan of growth for every day that we might become more like You in every way.

Notes on PrayerMetro: 

This year we made a move to increase our impact in the nation and in men and families.

. Moved from 1800 legislators in 13 states to 4427 legislators in 32 states.

. Moved from working in the Latino churches and Matamoros back into working across the entire metro.

. Moved from a stationary position in men and families to launching the Shepherd Center with a weekly DADS University, concentrated congregational neighborhood thrusts, multiple family and fathering weekends, an increased online intensity of research and information.

. Moved from part-time involvement of about 10% of Phil to much increase involvement of 80% of Phil.

All of this puts an increased taxing on finances.  Your help is needed in financial support, prayer, and personal action and assistance.  We need DADS University in all sectors of the city and in other cities.  We need 50 congregations influencing their neighborhoods in OKC an many thousands beyond.  We need you in order to enter the land into which God has thrust us.

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