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Ready For Rain? Bring the Rain. Build a Compassionate Man.

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Zephaniah 3:9“Then will I purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the Lord and serve him shoulder to shoulder.”

There is a dearth of rain in the area in which I live.  Communities are beginning to talk about rationing all through the year instead of just the heat of summer.  That is such a bizarre thought.  How can such a thing be?  Of course, history brings to memory the dust bowl.  It could be an hundred and fifty year pattern and we would not know because we have never been here before.  We’ve never been in a situation in the last 200 years where the world was so concreted and burning energy at these rates.

Some produce models of what is happening and still don’t have fully accurate prior data.  It is a hard nut.  History does tell us that through all the trials and issues, the people of the planet continue to find ways to move ahead.

 Maybe through emergence of conflict and resolution an answer pops.  

Legislation plus war stopped U.S. slavery.  It did not stop flawed heart attitudes.  Our cultures agonize over disparities and rights and entitlements and angers and bigotry.

 Maybe through scientific inventiveness an answer pops. 

Cancer’s impact is reduced and for some life continues after an assault.   It defies resolution.  There is progress, yet, not a resolution.

 Maybe through cultural shift an answer pops.

The Americas struggle with an imbalance of prosperity in the North and South and poverty in Central America.  Cartel wars and immigrant movement push against the pricks as people seek answers.  The situation continues unresolved.  Laws are passed and amnesty is declared every 20 years or so in the United States.  The Canadians open work seasons.  The violence continues and illegality is becoming a cultural norm that may hurt all as it seeps into other mindsets.

Many situations seem to be worsening like the lack of rain.  Our families are imbalanced.  Fatherlessness rushes to higher and higher percentages and impact.  Children are left in a lurch with an imbalanced home life.  Single moms work incredibly hard to make up the shortages left from abandonment of the male influence.  Yet, a lack of the right touch and voice and love of a father leaves the child always wanting more.

Ready for rain?  Ready for some peace that passes all understanding?  In a conversation with a young man we prayed for that peace.  His road has been covered with mental anguish and some days living on the streets and frustration of a father who died too early in his life.  I made a promise to his mother to get involved in his life.  Oh, he’s 30.  Everyone needs a dad.

Ready for rain?  T  talked about the impact of God’s intervention in his life.  T is in his 40’s.  It is early for him in his turnaround.  I bet there is a gap of fathering in him.  He’s been living in a recovery center and looking to move forward.

Ready for rain?  M struggles.  His wife and children are rejecting him.  The control orientation of his nature has been over emphasized as right by the congregation he attends.  A shame happens when a congregation falls prey to what might be called abuse and encourages it through absolution and aberrant teaching.  It happens.  It happens too often.  Yet, M is working with other men to learn to be the right kind of a man.  It happens by osmosis, not a book.

Ready for rain?  P went through amazing flailing in his 30’s.  The influence of years involved in drugs and witchcraft left mental and emotional scars on his psyche.  The process of removal and healing was not pretty.  But, he’s okay today.  He’s on to being a good man.  Good men raise good children and are faithful to good wives.  Good plus good plus good equals great.

Ready for rain?  Rain comes one drop at a time.  A downpour is nice, but a steady drop opens the soil gently and enters.  That drop leaves room for another and another and another.  That is how it is when working on cultural modifications and generational change.  Go after the task one drop at a time.

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