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A Father’s Faith Shaken

A daughter’s coming out, a father’s faith shakenThis reference might be one of the most controversial EYE2EYE articles you read.  Fathers face some pretty tough moments in raising children.  How you interact with the community, concerns, and consistency defines you as a father and communicates compassion to your children. Sometimes there just don’t appear to be any right answers.

As a community, how do we support fathers?  How do we address issues that stymie our understanding?

In this blog from the AC360 site, I challenge you to not judge, but listen.  As a father, you might face something as challenging one day and could benefit from hearing from another dad and daughter.    I don’t make any judgement or comment one way or the other.  Just listen.  Consider how you would respond.

I remember 30 years ago my wife and I were raising an African American baby in foster care.  I remember hard stares in the shopping malls.  I remember family members saying, “You’re not going to keep him, are you?”  I remember our church family rallying around us with joy and receptivity.  I remember some family patting us on the back and offering help.  I remember it all.

Here’s the intro and link to the story.  After you read it, come back and share your thoughts.

Programming note: Learn more about Kelby’s story and see how she and her dad have overcome prejudice and bullying in the AC360° documentary “The Bully Effect” on Thursday, February 28 at 10 p.m. ET.

Bobby Johnson’s daughter Kelby came out of the closet at age 14. The reaction from their church, he says, was immediate. “The pastor’s response was, ‘you can come here but you can no longer teach, you can no longer hold any position of authority or power within the church because that’s a part of our bylaws,” says Johnson, adding, “since that day … we have not been back.”

It was a defining moment for a man raised in a deeply religious household, and was the beginning of a journey of introspection of his faith.

“As I began to see the hate, the anger, the intolerance that came out in the community with Kelby, that really made me reflect on what I was taught,” he said.

The story..A daughter’s coming out, a father’s faith shaken – Anderson Cooper 360 – Blogs 

Shepherd Center Update

Shepherd Center Update  (download and read offline).

Shepherd Center Update:  Fathers in the Home.  Fathers in the Congregations.  Fathers in the State Houses.


God has been most gracious, the world has been most demanding, and the enemy of our progress has been most interruptive.  Well, is that not a description of normal life of a purposeful Christian?  There is nothing good or bad or wonderful or horrid about that.  The battle is engaged.   God always wins.  But, the battles must be engaged.

God’s Progress Just These Last Weeks

. A gentlemen graciously funded six weeks of an administrative assistant.  Given in full.  That is exactly how many weeks until the first “FEARLESS” weekend hosted at Eagles’ Crest.

. Tammy Matthews has graciously agreed to be a “missionary” with PrayerMetro as that administrative assistant along with continuing as our Prayer Chaplain.

. The National Center for Fathering committed to sending a “networking” agreement in consideration of our brainstorm.  This can enable nationwide engagement in collective thrust with OKC being the first such networked city.

. SALLT and pastors across the city are coming together in support of fathering the fatherless in foster care and possibly other areas.  Would it not be wonderful if the heart of The Father would infect the Church to walk alongside Him in fathering the fatherless in foster care, in fatherless homes (34%), and in fathered homes where the fathers are abusive, apathetic, disengaged, or just unfathered themselves?

.The OCADVSA has asked me to serve as a co-chair.  Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

. We are in initial conversations to build a WatchDog program for a 65% fatherless zone school using churches to seed the initiation.  The principal is ready.  Now I need faith churches with compassionate men.

. Contacts from She’s Somebody’s Daughter stirred my soul and we will provide prayer covering for their October emphasis in OKC.  OKC will be the national starting point of this thrust.

. Planning for “FEARLESS” weekend number one on the west side of Oklahoma City is moving forward.

. Techies are working on installing a server to consolidate all these activities away from my laptop.

The World’s Demands

. One of the contracts on which I am working is increasing in demand for time and attention.  It is a normal progression and most certainly ordained of God for this season in my life.  Yet, the tangle is tough and troubling and time consuming.  50+ hours working alongside 30+ with the Shepherd Center is getting old.

. Normal items around the home are going untended while the battle rages from early morning to late at night.  They need my attention.

. Good contract situations are developing for writing and marketing that can support me while the Center is building support for fathers in the home (dads), fathers in the congregations (pastors), and fathers in the state houses (legislators).

The enemy’s push.

. Handling the juggling of 50lb basketballs, tugs on my peace of mind and smile.  He comes to steal the joy, kill the progress, and destroy the transformation.  Some days are accomplished through moving one foot in front of the other with absolute trust that God will bring support to enable the Shepherd Center to flourish.


How to Pray:

The blessing of the Lord is rich.  He is good to all.  His tender mercies cover all His works.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

In Him I live and move and have my being.

His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

The King of all Kings is my employer.  There is more than enough to supply all my needs in Christ Jesus.

All my needs include finances, home life, enjoyment, property, health, progress, and family.



Father’s and daughter’s lives shattered

Father’s and daughter’s lives shattered by separate murders | Toronto Star

DADS DEMAND RESPECT! Listen or Lose Them….

“THE hapless, bumbling father is a stock character in product marketing. He makes breakfast for dinner and is incapable of handling, or sometimes even noticing, a soggy diaper. He tries desperately to hide the crumb-strewn, dirt-streaked evidence of his poor parenting before the mother gets home.

This is an image that many fathers who attended the Dad 2.0 Summit — a meeting of so-called daddy bloggers and the marketers who want to reach them — have come to revile. They are proud to be involved in domestic life and do not want to serve as the comic foil to the supercompetent mother”  read more…..

Fathers Seek Advertising That Does Not Ridicule – 

Father occupies crane to publicise custody battle

Father occupies crane to publicise custody battleTwo years after losing custody of his son, a father in France’s western city of Nantes has scaled and occupied a towering shipyard crane in protest. He was joined on Saturday by a friend locked in a similar legal battle.

Father occupies crane to publicise custody battle – FRANCE – FRANCE 24

Simple pleasures strengthen fathers and families

Gannett“Have you noticed lately how you might have become consumed by all that is around you?

Whether that might be meeting deadlines on work-related projects or seemingly running ragged from one event to another with your children, one must question sometimes: “Why does life always have to be so complex and full of hustle and bustle?””

Simple pleasures strengthen fathers and families | Coshocton Tribune |

Consistent Fathering

Latest Lessons At D.A.D.S. University.