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Do traditional fathers earn a daddy premium at work?

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The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Jan. 30 2013, 3:40 PM EST

Last updated Wednesday, Jan. 30 2013, 3:40 PM EST

In Monopoly, it could be a chance card: “You have been deducted a Mommy Penalty. Pay the bank one-third of your net worth.” Aside from the cost of raising kids in general, there’s no financial perk to being a mother on payday.

Motherhood translates, on average, into a wider gender wage gap in developed countries than the one already in effect for childless women when compared with working men. (According to the calculations of an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development report released late last year, in Canada, it’s the difference between 30 per cent if you’re a mom and 7 per cent if you aren’t.)

Do traditional fathers earn a daddy premium at work? – The Globe and Mail http://ow.ly/hjMwr

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