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Bud Wilkinson, A Present Father, Rules of Business success

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While reading through Jay Wilkinson’s book on his father, Bud Wilkinson, I came across the

Bud Wilkinson Rules of Business Success

Not only was Bud Wilkinson a legendary coach achieving unmatched success in college football, he was a successful businessman, sportscaster, and adviser to presidents.  He was also a present father and cultivator of his children.

Here they are.  They impressed me enough to take time to type them and think about them.

  • Know yourself and your potentials.  See yourself without illusion.  Learn what is important to you.  Discover what gives you pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Choose as your lifework that which you enjoy.  Joy in your work is essential to business and personal success.
  • Resolve to give your clients, employers or employees your best at all times, and apply the Golden Rule to every business situation.  Only when you know you are fulfilling your potentials and acting honorably can you find peace of mind in your work.  Have the courage to do what is right.  Believe in what you represent and help others discover how your product or service can assist them in attaining their goals, not yours.
  • Take pride in how you do your job.  See how your contribution affects the whole. Strive for consistent improvement.  Walk the extra mile.  Make the extra call.  Make sure the competition gives up before you do.
  • Help your client, employer or employee any way you can.  It’s intrinsically good to do, it boosts your self-esteem, and it puts you ahead of the competition, most of whom are looking out for themselves instead of others.
  • Delegate authority along with responsibility.  Find the best people for the jobs and then let them get the work done without interference.
  • Don’t be afraid to start small.  The worth of an enterprise is not determined by its size.

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