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Community Transformers…A Call for Help

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Can you search your closets?  As part of our mentoring with men, we need transformer toys.  McD’s is featuring them in Happy Meals.  You may have closets full of them.  You can box them and send to PrayerMetro 508 Tumbleweed Dr, Yukon, Oklahoma 73099.

How will we use them?  The men and fathers who are receiving mentoring and training are transformers of the community.   ImageMy new friend,Senator Oletha Faust-Goodeau, from Witchita, KS, reminds me that prayer without action is wasted breath. An action figure reminds men to put training and prayer into action. When men complete the first DADS University coursework, I’d like to award them a transformer toy to put on their desk or in their car or at home where they will see it every day and be encouraged to not only transform their life but the lives of others.

When you send that toy, it tells me you believe in family transformation also.  And it tells them you believe in them.

Of course, we always need help with funds to purchase materials, pay for gas, and host community events. Your gift of $50 or more in the box is also most appreciated.  But, please     send the transformer toys whether you can enclose $$ or not.

By the way you can always give from your phone by texting to 729725.  Just put the dollar amount and our email or phone.

Text : 729725

Msg;  Send 50 to 4053888037


Msg: Send 50 to

Of course you send whatever number you put behind send….

Send 5 to 4053888037  

Send 100 to 4053888037

Send 1000 to phil@prayermetro

You decide.

Your contribution is tax deductible as PrayerMetro, Inc is an IRS authorized 501 c3 since 2002.

Let’s have some fun transforming families for good.  Every child needs an active man in his/her life.


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