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A man’s wounds define him.

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20130207_160651A man’s wounds can qualify him to fight for others if he so allows.

Our wounds are transformational.  A man called and grieved that his wife was having sexual relations with his son of a previous marriage.  Of course, he had done the same in his teen years.  The wounds were haunting him; yet, he was working live another life.

Our wounds are transformational.  A man opened his heart to reveal he was impatient with his children even as his father had been impatient with him as a child.  Talking quickly became shouting even over small items.  How can he rid   the anger of his heart and be compassionate.

Our wounds are transformational.  When I was a child I remember the violence and bigotry that defined my small town.  The newspaper article chronicling the opening of our community swimming pool for African Americans shocked me.  It wounded me.  How could this be?  What world is this?  The world of my birth and upbringing wounded me and built me.  It causes me to fight for others.

Our wounds are transformational.  A friend works with me to bring hope and healing and family stability to kids in the Latino community.  As a child, he ran these streets barefoot and poor.  Now, he fights for others.

Our wounds are transformational.  President Obama was abandoned by two fathers and raised by a single mom and grandparents.  Today he stands for family, especially his family.  He fights for others.

Our wounds are transformational.  President Ronald Reagan’s father was a drunk and irresponsible.  He committed his life to making a difference for the community and others.  He did it.  He fought for others out of his own wounds.

Our wounds are transformational. Early in his development a young minister faced a group in his congregation.  They were leaving because families of Native American heritage had begun frequenting the congregation.  How could this be?  Would Christ have anything to do with this attitude?  Today, he works across all communities of the Christian church calling for unity of heart and purpose and love.

Our wounds are transformational if we allow them to be transformational.  They might just remain wounds if we let them.  They might just cause us to live with pained hearts, if we let them.  They might just disturb our sleep, if we let them.  They might just cause us to fight for another’s peace and safety and comfort and joy, if we let them.


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