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Your Legislators Are Calling For Your Prayers…

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Slide9Dear Mr. Larson, I thank you so much for the e-mail and especially for your prayers.  One can never get enough prayer time.  We are heading towards “crossover” which is a very busy time at the State House, so your prayers are coveted at this time.  New Hampshire

Thanks Phil. My goal is to bring a shadow of blessings to our people and to give our Lord the Glory. Thanks  Lousianna

Phil. We are facing a national crisis of truth and moral justice. I find strength in the book of job during these times. All the best. Montana

It’s a great blessing to receive these emails from you.  It’s humbling to know folks like you are out there praying for guys like me.  I pray the Lord brings these things to pass. Georgia

Thank you.  I have a big Load to Carry this week. North Carolina

I wanted to get back to you and thank you for the messages you send to me. The prayers are always so helpful. When legislators are doing their work they invest so much time and energy into others that we don’t know how to accept another person’s kindness and support in return.

Different times when you sent a message to me, it was always timely. God knows when we need encouragement and allows someone like you to be used by Holy Spirit to reach out and make an impact. Our timing is usually always on our terms, but we need to be on God’s time table because we are under His faithful watch.

Please know that I have prayed for you and your ministry also as you continue to do God’s will for your life. Pennsylvania


The Prayer:::::

In scripture the sins of a father produce pain for three generations and the goodness of a father produces blessing for four generations. A father casts a long shadow.

Shadows are easier to detect in contrast. As the Spring comes shadows seem longest. The ground is barren and a shadow shows more. With no leaves on the trees, the long, straight trunks draw dark lines across the ground. Each is easy to detect. Without the full leaved interference, each tree’s shadow is quite distinct in mid-afternoon. The sun is bright as Spring approaches. The ground is still stark as Winter has not departed. In the transition, shadows are most distinct.

So is our nation in these days. In our transitions into the future state of the nation, each decision will draw a long shadow. The distinction is hard to evade. The lines are drawn clearly.

________, I pray for you as you work on the long shadows. May you produce blessing for four generations and find ways to avoid pains for three generations. The decisions of these days will have long shadows. May you be blessed with peace of mind and grace of heart. Give us long shadows of strength.

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