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MAN IN A BOX – Ever felt like being a man is being in a box?

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ImageThe Shepherd Center announces a special DADSUniversity Event


March 25th    7-8:30pm

Hosted at

Eagles’ Crest   5956 NW 23rd  Oklahoma City

With Dr. Steve Nedbalek and Phil Larson, Director of the Shepherd Center (bios at end of article).

Join us.  It is easy to get trapped in the expectations of others.  This is an enjoyable night.

Be A Man.  Have some fun.  Laugh.  Cry. Get free.  Find YOUR self.  Be YOU.

Registration is not required, but it helps us plan for plenty of snacks!

There is no charge for the event.

Steve Nedbalek, PhD is a national treasure and an international consultant, speaker and author.  His work in suicide prevention, abuse prevention and developing teens and men stands out over the last four decades.  As an athlete, Steve has participated in multiple 100 mile races.  He understands the press of life and the disciplines needed to overcome.    He has taught college athletes for many years.  Get a refreshing insight into your manhood.j

Phil Larson, Director of the Shepherd Center, is a lifelong learner, speaker, and author.  His work among men covers three decades. As a dad, husband, businessman, pastor, and community activist, he is a “make-it-happen” kind of guy.  Phil’s passion is that every child should have their father.  Every man can shake off the past and bad examples and find joy in being a father, the highest calling among men.  After leading many citywide fathering initiatives in network with the National Center for Fathering, the Oklahoma Family Policy Council, CBMC, and hundreds of congregations, PrayerMetro launched the Shepherd Center this year to see our communities transformed.  The Shepherd Center works with congregation, community, schools, government, and businesses to engage and educate men and fathers and support fathers in the home (dads), fathers in the congregations (pastors), and fathers in the state house (legislators).

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