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Weigh in on ManHood..

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Motherlode - Adventures in Parenting

” We live in a society that trades on the cult of masculinity, one in which male power and strength are championed, from the football fields outward. One only needs to look at the community that Richmond and Mays were brought up in to understand that. These two boys were groomed to expect praise at every turn, in a pro-victor, pro-sports community that was willing to overlook any indiscretion, allowing them to think of themselves as indestructible, or at the very least, untouchable.”    After Steubenville, How Can We Raise Children Who Will Speak up to Prevent Rape, Not Defend It? –

Do you believe that?   In our social structure that devalues life on the whole and sees it as only meaningful when contributing economically, we seem to have lost footing in our struggles to define real masculinity versus imposed power brokering versus Casper Milqutoast.  Simultaneously, we find a large number of men frustrated and feeling emasculated and marginalized.  Our school environments struggle with bullying conflicts that parents deny.  Children are left to raise themselves and define their own values and principles with relativistic rationalism.  And, then we wonder why or make up an answer.   

Weigh in…. What do you think?


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