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Depression is becoming a norm. 100% of m

Depression is becoming a norm. 100% of men hit depression in some dose. This is a great, honest look into how it feels. Small « http://ow.ly/kwHCr

Praying at the Survivor Tree…

Continuing to build participants and a strong desire in my heart.

Lifelong DAD impact: Strike at the root… Watch D.O.G.S.

The impact of a dad is lifelong.  There is no reputable rebuttal to that.  It just is.  To the logonegative or the positive.  From absence to involvement, dads change lives.

This ten minute video shows the impact of good dads with good students.

Our dream is to launch community sponsored Watch D.O.G.S. in the most fatherless communities in our city.

When you want to deal with an issue, strike at the root.  Get serious about the prayer, “deliver us from evil”, and do something.  Deliver someone else from evil. Not having the positive influence of a dad or another male role model is just plain evil.  The results are evil.  Suicide, behavior disorders, early sexual involvement, drop outs, juvenile detention, extreme poverty, and more follows fatherless kids.   Then they father fatherless kids and the generational cycle continues until some communities wonder what a healthy and dedicated man looks like. Well this is what they look like.

Where will you get the dads?  From the churches and businesses and community surrounding these fatherless zones.

Why?  Kids need a vision to grow into health.  Both boys and girls get strength from dedicated and healthy male role models.  Ever watched a video of an overweight, heavy breathing trainer to get fit?  Of course not.  Someone told me once, if you want to get fit, find the sport that has the most people that look like you want to look and do what they do.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Bad practice makes bad.  We all need role models.

What about the natural dads of these kids?  They count.  They will be attracted to the men that volunteer.  Iron will sharpen iron.  These men can be trained and mentored to be good dads with the example of dedicated and healthy men.  The cycles can be broken.

Fathers in the Golden Age of Television.. ZENIT

Bg_logo_ft“Most of the father figures that you find in contemporary television series are deeply flawed, if they’re present at all,” he said, noting how “sometimes the real story of fatherhood in a series is the absence of the father as it is in the society at large.”  

Fathers in the “Golden Age” of Television | ZENIT – The World Seen From Rome http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/fathers-in-the-golden-age-of-television

Fathers who find out sex of unborn child ‘more likely to bond sooner’

When the sex is revealed at the scan and fathers-to-be name their son or daughter it helps men feel emotionally connected and they start to think of the baby as a person, according to a University of Birmingham study.

Fathers who find out sex of unborn child ‘more likely to bond sooner’ – Telegraph http://ow.ly/koUnL

Praying at the Survivor Tree…

wpid-20130424_124523.jpgPraying at the Survivor Tree…”To the courageous and caring who responded from near and far our eternal gratitude.” These words surround the tree that defied a direct attempt on  life.  Some people did not survive.  Some are scarred and wounded in heart, mind, and body for life.  In OKC, we are grateful for a good God and cognizant of ever present evil.  On May 2nd our city gathers here to pray.  We will thank God for our blessings, repent of our faults, and ask that He ‘deliver us from evil’.

 One of our great concerns in OKC, Oklahoma, and the nation is the situation of fatherless homes.  Like the Survivor Tree, there are those that are healthy in spite of painful moments.  There are also those living in pain and scars and those that have not survived.  On behalf of fatherless fathers and fatherless children and those displaced into foster care and those that receive and support them. SALLT, First Baptist Downtown, Catholic Charities, Frontline, LifeChurch, 111 Project, Mentoring Project, Shepherd Center for Fathers/Leaders, PrayerMetro, Heartland Conference IPHC, Tabitha Baptist, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist(Stillwater), Quail Church, Eagles’ Crest, and others are committed to pray and act.  The surge is growing daily of committed people and organizations.  We are committed to intercede and act concerning this crisis of home and family.  5pm-6:30pm National Day of Prayer….who will hear the call and come?  For the common good of our city.  Act now!

Fathering starts early and develops through your entire life. #TipTopTouchDADSU

danandsarynFathering starts early and develops through your entire life.  #TipTopTouchDADSU

At DADSUniversity, the powerful stories of pain and success amaze me.  Never let yourself be desensitized to the influence of your leadership.

Kids look up to you over their entire life.  How you live every day is meaningful to them.

For a few years, I worked with the National Center for Fathering on fathering essays in the Oklahoma City schools.  One of those years, it was my joy to gather readers and sorters and judges for the essays.  Reading through thousands of essays at all age levels is a task.  There are many joyful and painful moments in those readings.

What strikes most is the emotion kids feel and express about dad.  Fathering is emotional for kids.  Men sometimes don’t get it.  We think life is a rational trip.

This week in DADSUniversity, we talked about the interplay of emotion, logic, physical, and spiritual.  Please don’t think you can separate the four.  They touch each other.  People buy on emotion and justify with logic.  People explain with logic what they feel emotionally.

If you want to improve communications, don’t ask someone what they think.  Ask them how they feel about a situation or decision.  You will get a more complete response to what you thought was a logical moment.  They will guard their thoughts and express their emotions and their thoughts together when asked about how they feel.

Try it.  Open up the concept that every influence you have on your child is a complex impact of emotion, logic, physical need, and spiritual dynamic.  Look to your child’s emotion first and logic second.

How often do we catch ourselves saying, “What in the world were you thinking?”

Try this the next time you say that.  “What in the world was she feeling?”

My parents don’t seem to get me…


Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but…

My mom is so different from me. She says all she wants is for me to be happy and live like there’s no tomorrow. There’s just one little problem with her logic. There is indeed a tomorrow! Actually, I even believe that there is another life where you pay for your sins as I am a Muslim (and proud). Therefore, I don’t want to live in a godless world where you forget your values!

My father is an alcoholic bipolar jerk. Enough said.

Dealing with my parents is difficult at times. I guess that’s what you get when you have multiculturalism running in the family: my Portuguese catholic raised mother (with Jewish roots) who is a total liberal; and my half-Ukrainian, half-Syrian father who is a Muslim.

Read the rest..

My parents don’t seem to get me….

Find little time to contemplate accusati

Find little time to contemplate accusations and accolades and much time to contemplate the love of friends and principles of wisdom.

Meet Jesus In The Morning On The Mountain Matthew 5