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There are four zones on which the Shepherd Center has declared war on behalf of fathers.  You see, when men connect and engage in dedicated and healthy manners, the fatherless are no longer fatherless.

These four zones represent four archetypes of fatherless situations.fearlessfatherzones

Tulakes:  This is an area of multiple single mother, high poverty apartment complexes directly in the center of balanced homes.   It is an enigma.  The school servicing this area reports 97% fatherless homes.  Of course the area is not that high.  But the families with fathers have fled the school.  We will go in with men focused on being examples of dedicated and healthy men to attract floating fathers.  We can then train the floating fathers to become faithful fathers.  Change can happen.

Abandon: In the heart of urban, African American communities is this highest fatherless zone.  Decades of fatherless homes has left generational tragedy.  It is time to shout for a new generation.

Cambio:  Highly Latino, these areas are suffering pangs of family discord and poverty related to high immigrant population.

Westwood: This is just good ol’ America.  Multi-cultural single parent homes with many in their twenties surrounded by established older couples.  A community can make a difference.

We have an active congregation in each area working with us.

Register now for the next FEARLESS weekend to attend, support, or pray.


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