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#TipTopTouchDADSU Fearless Fathers….. Find The Right Moment

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Posterclip#TipTopTouchDADSU  Fearless Fathers….. Finding The Right Moment

Every father looks for that right moment to connect with his children.   Every child has a different pattern of communication and connection.  Those moments can be crafted when you understand the ins and outs of your offspring.  It might take you a lifetime.

Think about this.  My wife and I have been married for 35 years.  We dated for two years before that.  It is surprising to me how much I don’t know about her.  Just when I think I’ve figured her out, I find out some new aspect of her interests and personality.

How much more will your children, who are in the process of becoming and expressing their inner self surprise you?  They are developing at a faster rate than you are developing.  They are forming organizational systems for the world as they encounter.  They are finding ways to connect and conform and sometimes test and change the form of their world.

Every father needs to grow with his children and learn about them.  A friend of mine uses Facebook to record unique developments in his son.  It is hilarious and refreshing.  He is studying and learning his son and enjoying the days as he grows.  What a joy!

Keep looking.  Keep listening.  Enjoy.

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