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I covet your love and prayers

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As we move into the last few days of preparation for the FEARLESS FAMILIES, FEARLESS FATHERS, AND FEARLESS FAITH weekend in Oklahoma City, I covet your prayers.

 Paul admonishes us in Ephesians that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but principalities and powers and spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly realms. Your prayer will make the difference in our community.

 Our community is rocked with the same ills as all communities.

Families are stressed with economic impacts.

Families are strained with divorce and violence and abuse.

Abortion continues to be the choice of many over the choice of life.

In many areas, we see 75% fatherless homes.

In all areas we see 33% fathersless homes.

Our churches impact less than 25% of the community.

Some 40% of the fatherless are from never married situations.

The enemy of our soul is most content with our situation. His forces of fear, intimidation, discouragement, inaction, and hopelessness will keep men from standing up and taking action.

 I need your prayers:

That the fifty-three year long trend of fatherless homes will reverse.

That men and families will come this weekend and receive and turn their hearts to their homes.

That parents and teens will be joined in faith and love and hope in their homes.

That finances will flow.

That workers will maintain energy.

That all preparations will find success.

That the works of the enemy will be neutralized and joy will be released in the homes of all that attend.

 I would be most honored and God would certainly be glorified with your concerted prayers over the next few days.

 As I have spoken and prayed into your life and thousands of others for some years, I earnestly ask you pray at this point for a significant breakthrough in this most necessary work of God.

 Our second weekend is already planned for Father’s Day weekend on the east side of Oklahoma City and we are finalizing others. My commitment is to persist and pursue to see God heal our land one father and one family at a time. Life breeds life. Healing for men and families this weekend builds force of momentum for the work to continue and hope to build in men’s hearts.


Thank you for your love and prayers.


Please pass forward and share to friends of faith in your prayer networks.




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