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Lifelong DAD impact: Strike at the root… Watch D.O.G.S.

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The impact of a dad is lifelong.  There is no reputable rebuttal to that.  It just is.  To the logonegative or the positive.  From absence to involvement, dads change lives.

This ten minute video shows the impact of good dads with good students.

Our dream is to launch community sponsored Watch D.O.G.S. in the most fatherless communities in our city.

When you want to deal with an issue, strike at the root.  Get serious about the prayer, “deliver us from evil”, and do something.  Deliver someone else from evil. Not having the positive influence of a dad or another male role model is just plain evil.  The results are evil.  Suicide, behavior disorders, early sexual involvement, drop outs, juvenile detention, extreme poverty, and more follows fatherless kids.   Then they father fatherless kids and the generational cycle continues until some communities wonder what a healthy and dedicated man looks like. Well this is what they look like.

Where will you get the dads?  From the churches and businesses and community surrounding these fatherless zones.

Why?  Kids need a vision to grow into health.  Both boys and girls get strength from dedicated and healthy male role models.  Ever watched a video of an overweight, heavy breathing trainer to get fit?  Of course not.  Someone told me once, if you want to get fit, find the sport that has the most people that look like you want to look and do what they do.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Bad practice makes bad.  We all need role models.

What about the natural dads of these kids?  They count.  They will be attracted to the men that volunteer.  Iron will sharpen iron.  These men can be trained and mentored to be good dads with the example of dedicated and healthy men.  The cycles can be broken.

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