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Praying at the Survivor Tree…

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wpid-20130424_124523.jpgPraying at the Survivor Tree…”To the courageous and caring who responded from near and far our eternal gratitude.” These words surround the tree that defied a direct attempt on  life.  Some people did not survive.  Some are scarred and wounded in heart, mind, and body for life.  In OKC, we are grateful for a good God and cognizant of ever present evil.  On May 2nd our city gathers here to pray.  We will thank God for our blessings, repent of our faults, and ask that He ‘deliver us from evil’.

 One of our great concerns in OKC, Oklahoma, and the nation is the situation of fatherless homes.  Like the Survivor Tree, there are those that are healthy in spite of painful moments.  There are also those living in pain and scars and those that have not survived.  On behalf of fatherless fathers and fatherless children and those displaced into foster…

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