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After Earth – Challenges in Fathering Teens


This Father’s Day weekend, we are teaming with Tabitha Baptist in OKC for a FEARLESS Families – Fathers- Faith.  Come and explore different parenting styles and the most effective fathering practical tips. 

This insightful analysis below of the After Earth movie with real father/son acting team Will and Jaden Smith explores fathering a teen.

What Kind of Dad Are You? 5 Styles to Consider http://ow.ly/1WWlN7

‘Orphaned’ By World War II, Children Salute Fallen Fathers | NCPR News from NPR

A father’s absence is impactful whether the reason is viewed as necessary or negative.  Be a statistic changer.  Fathers’ Day Weekend OKC – Info Here


Disaster hits families. 48% of births to never married moms.


This weekend the water at the lake came further onto the shore than I have seen.  The beach is gone.  The grass is under water.  It looks beautiful, but with increased rain, we will see flooding downstream.  Winds make it tough for boats and few were able to enjoy.  But it looks great.

Families are threatened.  48% of children born to women in their 20’s are being born to a never married couple.  Really, couple is a bad choice of words.  Many are being born to single moms.  Sex is a pleasure started earlier and earlier.  Parents provide contraceptives and abortions to their teens.  Teens grow up and have babies anyway, just without a family.

Hedonism is a poor choice opposed to family and long term and healthy supportive relationships.  What are we thinking?

This is a great article exploring a few of the societal impact items.  Read the entire article.  Pause.  Form an opinion.  Don’t bench warm on these issues.  Your sons and daughters live downstream from a swollen lake and more rain is coming.

The Precipitous Drop in Teen Birth Rates & What it Means for Dads http://ow.ly/1WRhLl

Fathering Should Be Fun!

There are an increasing number of men for which fathering is a chore and sometimes not even that.  Our societal norm leads to disengaged men in the home.  What gives?  Fathering should be fun and for most it is a painful task.

40% of our children do not live with their biological dad and 34% live with no man in the home.  Add to that the men that are disengaged socially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.  You get the picture.  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

Double working households are the norm.  It is rare to have either parent be able to dedicate themselves to the home front.  Work, community, hobbies, and exhaustion rob precious parent time and attention from our children.  Many times it is the man of the house who gives the least influence.  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

Mother’s Day activities outspend Father’s Day by $8 billion in the U.S. according to retailer studies.  What?  Are fathers $8 billion less valuable than moms?  A government sponsored study doesn’t think so.  This study puts the cost of fatherless homes at $100 billion annually on community resources.  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

So when did the world of Leave it To Beaver and Father Knows Best and Bonanza and the Rifleman become the world of The Simpsons and Two and A Half Men?  When did the courage and principle and strength and commitment of fathers get exchanged for weakness and ineptness and self fulfillment?  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

Men live for fun.  Of course they do.  I don’t have to tell you that.  They live for fun.  Right now, I am excited about travelling to California to see my son, his wife, and a new grandson.  There is nothing more fun on my agenda.  It is about being a dad in my family.  This week, I am excited my youngest is going to Olympic Weight Lifting Trainer Certification.  It is fun to see him move forward in his pursuits.  Fathering is fun for me.  When did it cease to be fun for others?

Let’s make fathering fun again!  Okay?  It doesn’t have to be a serious social ill.  It can be an exciting community blessing.  We should not have to write legislation to get fathers to pay child support.  We should not have to provide court mandated father training.  We should not have to wonder where dads are in the elementary schools.  Fathering should be fun and I am committed to make it happen.

On June 14th and 15th, we are going to have some fun at Tabitha Baptist in Oklahoma City for fathers.  Batman and Gandalf and Ironman and John Wayne are going to join us for some fathering fun.  Men are going to find out just how easy it is to be a good dad and put fun back into the home for them and their kids and the moms.  So join Pastor Jeff and Rhonda Mitchell and Phil Larson and the fun loving father’s team for a Fearless Father’s weekend.  Friday night at 7pm, moms, dads, and teens, let’s have fun and learn some new ways to enjoy life at home.  Saturday morning at 9am to noon, men from 13-113 come and find out how to have fun as a man and a father.  Fathering is about to be fun again.


The Father’s Emergency Mercy Association – The Tornado is here – The Church is the solution.

The Father’s Emergency Mercy Association

The crash and slash of the tornado season has disrupted normal life.  At the same time, it has revealed a normalcy accelerated.  Every day congregations extend compassion alongside gospel.

The poor are fed and tended and the mentally struggling cared for by the Jesus House every day.  And during storms, they just have to step up the game.  We prayed this week during our Wednesday Chaplain’s Hour for this city and all involved.

The Concerned Clergy for Spiritual Renewal stepped up the game and gathered many congregations on Wednesday evening for praise and prayer and giving and hugging and checking in with each other.  Every day they coordinate and help in many ways.   It was a joyful time and sober focused on a God of answers.

The City Reach efforts of the Gate took a higher purpose and urgency and intensity and extended arms across the nation into OKC with great coordination.  It stirred my soul to visit and watch this team become a warehouse exchange for those in need.

Frontline does what Frontline does.  What an incredible coordination of hands and feet on the ground they have done facilitating efforts of many churches to be where best impact can help.  My son took a day and drug clutter from mud blocked passages to trucks that could haul.

Life Church locations leapt into action.

First Baptist Downtown is moving with alacrity.

Feed The Children interconnects many churches such as Faith Tabernacle in the circle of provision.

Catholic Charities, BGCO, IPHC, Methodist, and on and on the list goes of activated TFEMA.

The Church did not wait for federal funding or Red Cross millions, they just leapt into action. Phone banks and FaceBook exploded with response that is focused on face-to-face assistance.

Will we forget?  In a week, will this just be a litany of FB pictures and emotional moments?  When the media moves on to the next story, where will we be?  Will we have a united thrust or go back to our individual efforts?

There are many daily emergencies that need our attention.  Sure, no one can work on all of them.  But we can choose can’t we?  We don’t have to wait until natural forces of a world struggling under the curse of disconnection with the Father pummel us into showing our love one for another.

Just a thought.  What if the Church Intentional began to pick prevention emergency response?  Would major disaster be averted instead of intersected?  Could we cause the kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven?  A few in the city are looking at just that.

The curse of fatherless homes and all the ills that surround seems to be stirring.  111 Project is focusing on foster care from the churches to the community.  The Mentoring Project is focusing on teaching men to mentor children needing male role models.  The Shepherd Center is focusing on examples and fatherless father training in the hardest hit tragedy census tracts where fatherless homes are 50-80% of the population.  Others are moving.  Some of these same congregations mentioned above are working to stop an evil before it spreads worse.

Think this way.  40% of our children go to bed without the natural father in the home and 34% without any father in the home.  What would you do if 40% of OKC metro was hit by a tornado?  It is.  It is insidious and gradual instead of a one day blow out.  But, it is.

The tornado of Fatherless Homes rips our city apart every day.

Champion Fathers Tourney and Luncheon with Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering

FEARLESS WEEKEND 2 – Tabitha Baptist Hosts the Shepherd Center team on Father’s Day Weekend

Talk to Me….

The Call To Father

The Call To Father….. Listen to this interview of Phil Larson with talk show host Carol Gordon

Watch DOGS building speed

Met this morning with the team at Tulakes. The heart of fathering is building speed in the city.  Our expectation and hope is that 100 men will respond to the emergency of fatherless homes.  Registration page to enlist will be up soon.
Best way to support….Join NOW in supporting Champion Fathers Tourney and Luncheon


The Call To Fathering


In this interview, Phil pours out the heart of “Why Fathering?” Take time to hear in his words and heart what inspires the Shepherd Center at the Community Transformation Initiative.

Busting Barriers: Two Tips To Activate Leadership In Others

Building Better Business applies to your family as well, parents. Think about it.

Journey Through Self: Nesting In Who I Am.