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Fathering Should Be Fun!

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There are an increasing number of men for which fathering is a chore and sometimes not even that.  Our societal norm leads to disengaged men in the home.  What gives?  Fathering should be fun and for most it is a painful task.

40% of our children do not live with their biological dad and 34% live with no man in the home.  Add to that the men that are disengaged socially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.  You get the picture.  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

Double working households are the norm.  It is rare to have either parent be able to dedicate themselves to the home front.  Work, community, hobbies, and exhaustion rob precious parent time and attention from our children.  Many times it is the man of the house who gives the least influence.  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

Mother’s Day activities outspend Father’s Day by $8 billion in the U.S. according to retailer studies.  What?  Are fathers $8 billion less valuable than moms?  A government sponsored study doesn’t think so.  This study puts the cost of fatherless homes at $100 billion annually on community resources.  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

So when did the world of Leave it To Beaver and Father Knows Best and Bonanza and the Rifleman become the world of The Simpsons and Two and A Half Men?  When did the courage and principle and strength and commitment of fathers get exchanged for weakness and ineptness and self fulfillment?  When did fathering cease to be fun for men?

Men live for fun.  Of course they do.  I don’t have to tell you that.  They live for fun.  Right now, I am excited about travelling to California to see my son, his wife, and a new grandson.  There is nothing more fun on my agenda.  It is about being a dad in my family.  This week, I am excited my youngest is going to Olympic Weight Lifting Trainer Certification.  It is fun to see him move forward in his pursuits.  Fathering is fun for me.  When did it cease to be fun for others?

Let’s make fathering fun again!  Okay?  It doesn’t have to be a serious social ill.  It can be an exciting community blessing.  We should not have to write legislation to get fathers to pay child support.  We should not have to provide court mandated father training.  We should not have to wonder where dads are in the elementary schools.  Fathering should be fun and I am committed to make it happen.

On June 14th and 15th, we are going to have some fun at Tabitha Baptist in Oklahoma City for fathers.  Batman and Gandalf and Ironman and John Wayne are going to join us for some fathering fun.  Men are going to find out just how easy it is to be a good dad and put fun back into the home for them and their kids and the moms.  So join Pastor Jeff and Rhonda Mitchell and Phil Larson and the fun loving father’s team for a Fearless Father’s weekend.  Friday night at 7pm, moms, dads, and teens, let’s have fun and learn some new ways to enjoy life at home.  Saturday morning at 9am to noon, men from 13-113 come and find out how to have fun as a man and a father.  Fathering is about to be fun again.


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