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Disaster hits families. 48% of births to never married moms.

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This weekend the water at the lake came further onto the shore than I have seen.  The beach is gone.  The grass is under water.  It looks beautiful, but with increased rain, we will see flooding downstream.  Winds make it tough for boats and few were able to enjoy.  But it looks great.

Families are threatened.  48% of children born to women in their 20’s are being born to a never married couple.  Really, couple is a bad choice of words.  Many are being born to single moms.  Sex is a pleasure started earlier and earlier.  Parents provide contraceptives and abortions to their teens.  Teens grow up and have babies anyway, just without a family.

Hedonism is a poor choice opposed to family and long term and healthy supportive relationships.  What are we thinking?

This is a great article exploring a few of the societal impact items.  Read the entire article.  Pause.  Form an opinion.  Don’t bench warm on these issues.  Your sons and daughters live downstream from a swollen lake and more rain is coming.

The Precipitous Drop in Teen Birth Rates & What it Means for Dads

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