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Behold The Superpower of the Father-Daughter Bond

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Love the freshness of this perspective.

The Laughing Mom

dad_daughterAfter years of being the top nurturer, playmate, errand co-pilot and snuggler to our little person of Earth, Supermom has been overtaken.

The weapon is more powerful than kryptonite or a magic lasso.

Few would ever suspect that an unassuming dad who is regularly dressed in a business suit and loafers or a t-shirt and shorts, could be powerful enough to overcome the words, “I want mommy!”


It’s the unbreakable superpower of the Father-Daughter bond possessed only by Superdad.

Even though Supermom has ruled on the planet “Cling-on” for years, Superdad would predict, “It’s only a matter of time until I’m the favorite.  There’s nothing more powerful than the Father-Daughter bond.”

That time has come.

I don’t know why I ever denied this superpower since I have the same bond with my own Superdad.

We enjoy one another’s company without bickering and offering unsolicited advice.

We actually LISTEN…

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