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The Underpinings of Your Soul Make Your Decisions

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Decisions reveal directions and determinations.  How intense are your passions?  Do you like life or thirst for life? Don’t be fooled .Your inner desires are making your decisions.

There is a word in Spanish that struggles expression in English.  Anehlo.  To passionately thirst with intense desire that overwhelms all else.  There is such a desire in you whether you acknowledge or not.

This morning I attended a service at a congregation in support of our DOGS program. Every picture, video, word, greeting, display and person shouted one message.  We want you to meet Jesus, receive forgiveness, and enjoy an energized life in Him.

Another church with which I work has a different message.  We are here to enjoy our Christian heritage and you can join if you fit, but remember you are not priority.

Yet another shouts a love for a specifc culture and community and tradition with Christ’s eventual connection through social engagement.

So what about your family focus fathers?  This conversation is really not about Churchianity, but home front.

The press of living is relentless.  Decisions mark time.  My back is a little sore from playing on the floor with my granddaughter.  At three, she is full of energy and loves to jump and fall and fly.  It was a good workout and fun.  There was a lot more that needed my time.  She got it.

I have books to finish and funds to raise and events to plan and she got all my time.  Loving her in family is paramount to me.  Unity in the Spirit in the bond of peace in close family, friend, and faith community drives my preferences.  I prefer what leads that direction and defer what does not.  All three areas are important but the core is unity of the Spirit. 

If there is fracture, heal.
If there is separation, unify.
If there is conflict, face.
If there is distance, close
Ignorance – educate.
Hurt – forgive
Confusion – clarify

What drives you?  What do your prefer?  What do you defer?

Have you taken time to transform the inner man to conform to an image of Christ?

Inborn desires meld over life into something else.  Chose your mold.  Change the inside to change the outside.

Quit fooling yourself about your desires.  Examine and change them to a better thought level.  Then life will begin to straighten out.  You will prefer your life in a better direction if the better direction tranforms the inner man.

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