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Sept 16th Champion Fathers Luncheon and Tourney

Sept 16th Champion Fathers Luncheon and Tourney

Time to register: Sept 16th Champion Fathers Luncheon and Tourney… Go There

Go Ahead and Fund The Mission!


Community Transformation Initiatives in the last two months have been outstanding.  Every plan in motion has netted significant results.  Plan, prayer, and pursuit have profited.  Our goal was to connect with 1000 men in addition to those already reached by year’s end.  I count 800 in our first 60 days of push along with 43 newly engaged volunteers in multiple capacities.  Go ahead and fund the mission.

The only lagging item is support to continue.  Dian and I took an astronomical leap of faith from corporate America to faith missionary 15 months ago.  With enough to cover 9 months, we have lived 15.  We do not regret one moment of faithfulness. God is our source.   Honestly, it is not easy, but a few precious supporters have made the difference and a few small contract jobs.  Now, we need you.  Go ahead and fund the mission.

A single gift of $25 from the right amount of YOU will FUND THE MISSION through the end of the year.  A single gift of $50 from the right amount of YOU will FUND THE MISSION through the end of 2014.

Spot gifts of $500 or $5,000 make up for the YOUs that don’t respond and allow us to hire a part-time administrator to keep right track of all the details. Go ahead and fund the mission

Then we will be free to focus fully on the men and children and families in front of us.

Individuals are grateful for supporters:

TC – in the West OKC neighborhood has gone from depressed to cheerful from unemployed to working from unproductive to engaged with his young daughter.

J – in EAST OKC reunited with his daughter after 21 years absence and has met his four grandchildren.  They had never met him.  He had never met them.  CTI helped give them back their grandpa.

50 men took a visible stance in front of their families and friends and committed to stay the course.

20 men are committed to stand in the halls at school on behalf of hundreds of fatherless students.

P in Mexico wept before his family and committed to provide.


B in Texas took scripture to his son to stand with him in life threatening illness.

Over and over and over are stories like this in the last 60 days.  Go ahead and fund the mission

Raising support is part of what is needed.  You get the opportunity to participate in life-changing engagement and encouragement.  You become as much honored in God’s heart as the ones doing the work.  The faster the support accumulates, the more time we have to do what you commission us to do in educating, encouraging, and engaging men for families.

In the last 60 days, whole neighborhoods and cities are grateful for supporters……


At the Integris Men’s Health, our team talked 1-1 with over 200 men and distributed challenging books compliments of Tom Pace and Pace/Butler.

At the East Zion District Men’s Association great response.

At Tabitha Baptist on a Fearless Weekend, tremendous Sunday morning response after a strong weekend.melvin

West OKC

In West OKC, Eagles’ Crest is seeing beautiful response from the neighborhoods in family outreach with kids, men and women.

In West OKC, a church plant is in motion with Rev. Melvin Bunn to see even more families reached and strengthened.  Supporters offer hope and healing to distressed community.

Center OKC

Weekly, we join with the Jesus House in prayer and study with the lead staff team in support and encouragement.  Supporters keep the lights on for families in repair. Go ahead and fund the mission

North OKC

In North OKC, recruits for Watch D.O.G.S. number over 20 and building to help at Tulakes.  Jerry Kramer and Bobby Byers have jumped in to help as we recruited in concert with Life Church, Cherokee Hills Baptist and others. http://www.fearlessfathers.org/watchdogswpid-20130817_092855.jpg

South OKC

Challenge to some 50 men of Tabernaculo De Fe.

Beginning work with Epperly Heights in Del City.

Luncheon and golf are ready to reach on Sept 16th at Willow Creek Golf and Country Club with Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering and Hon. James Lankford with the U.S. House of Representatives, and Chuck Bowman, legendary FCA.  http://www.championfatherstourney.org  Supporters are a part of visibility and action for fathers and the fatherless.

Matamoros and areaImage

Gualaneno, Moquetito, Rioje y CAREVI resulted in 300 mochillas (backpacks) full of school supplies.  Supporters are a part of kids going to school with a chance of success.

Gainesville, Texas

A new church plant to reach and teach families and transplant the fathering initiative to North Texas and South Oklahoma is in motion.  We have a team of eight volunteers engaged and connecting in Gainesville and have made good contact with local businesses.  Supporters are a part of hope for fractured families. Go ahead and fund the mission

Across the U.S.

This Spring legislative season ended with 3450 legislators being reached in 33 states on a weekly basis with scripture, prayer, and encouragement.  Many phone calls, emails, and letters have been exchanged in a chaplaincy support.  Our teams have wept with legislators, prayed for family members, listened and encouraged, and helped them maintain order in our nation.  Supporters are a part of that. Go ahead and fund the mission.

Sorting Through Backpacks.. What is missing?


Last weekend in Moquetito, Gualaneno, and Matamoros preceeded this weekend at Tulakes in Oklahoma City.  Hundreds of backpacks were given out.  Thousands of pencils, paper, crayons and other supplies dropped into the hand of kids.  Incredible people came together to help.  Sacrifice after sacrifice is made to help.  Every child will return to poverty and hunger. 

They will smile for a day.  With pride they will remember as they go to school as scheduled.  A little higher step will accompany them as they walk in with a new backpack.  And they will return to knawing hunger for more.  What is missing?

Fathers don’t fit in backpacks.  In every neighborhood and city, fathers are missing.  My mind wanders through the myriads of kids anf families that have walked in front of the teams.  Many times I step back and count.  400 kids and seven fathers.  150 kids and three fathers.  50 kids and no fathers.  They don’t fit in backpacks.

An unfathered child is twice as likely to drop out and ten times as likely to be extremely poor.  Suicide, early sexual activity, behavior disorder, and jail will statistically pursue her into adulthood. 

Even if he is lucky enough to be one of the 60% with a father living in the home, chances of a healthy, involved, caring, engaged dad diminish as he gains age.  By 18 the majority have lived a few years unfathered. 

60% of men admit to extramarital affairs and the family drift builds. 40% of men on the road own up to buying sex while away from home.  Drift, dabble, and disaster dwarf health and emotional stability.

Fathers don’t fit in backpacks.  I wish they did.  I wish I could give each child her backpack with a Dad in the main pocket.  He can bring better grades, higher achievement, strengthening play and greater chances for any child.

In every place I listened as men asked for father training.  J talked about his disturbed stepson.  His eyes watered as he asked when our next Dad’s University would come to his neighbborhood.  In Mexico Los Secretos on fathering books were treated like treasure.  P looked at me and broke into weeping.  Many are holding up the banner in tough circumstance just needing encouragement and training.

Thanks to all the men in each of these neighborhoods who are holding ground.  Thanks to over 50 men at Tabitha who made public commitments to family  Thanks to Raul, Maricioz, Abdiel, Luke, Robb, Eugene, Brandon and others who sacificed big to encourage.  Thanks to the men of the Loving Lyrewood churches who made some child’s day at Tulakes.  Thanks, Jerry and Bobbie for your service yesterday.  I wish you fit in a backpack and you could go home with a kid.  Know that your smile and example will do just that.

Let’s keep pressing.


Spending Decisions

Ways to Teach Your Child Good Spending Decisions: A Father’s Experience With His Little Girl


As parents, we have a responsibility to teach our children values, abilities, and practical skills that don’t only enrich their lives and experiences but also give them the tools they need to get through life later on with a minimum of difficulty.  The list includes a lot of things, from how to properly interact with people to how to dress themselves appropriately for each setting.  Not all the skills are equal in importance, naturally, since situations do differ.  But one skill that is always significant, no matter the setting, would be the ability to spend money wisely.

Read the article in full….teaching kids about money

Some days are just like that.

Scrambling between cultures, mindsets, locations, communities, and languages leaves me wanting to hear from a friend with great faith. Ever been there?
Ever been wondering where the next result will happen in a mishmash of work, but not the results you want?
Of course you have.

Those are the moments you need other men of like mind and like heart and like passion. Of course, I am writing to men. Men seem to have an aversion to keeping strong friendships strong. They jsut want them to be there when they need them. Why should they need maitenance?

Those are the moments you need to reach out to a trusted friend.

Those are the moments you need to have prepared over time so the relationship is intact and trustworthy.

So, if you are not there today, it is a good day to work on building one of those friendships. Strengthen it with a few laughs over a cup of coffee or a trip to Lowes for tripping down the tool aisle or playing a game of golf or just sitting on a bench and visiting.

Take time for friendship building. There are times you will certainly wish you did.