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Common Angst on Fathering – Give Good Guidance

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Who is angry?

Who is concerned?

Who is making noise?

Who is doing something?

A comment on a reblog made me think more deeply on this subject.  Unfortunately, I let my own disgust with life leak out through someone else’s blog.  Overcome evil with good.  Don’t let evil and anger become the standard.

Community angst over public displays of disgust in entertainment rose recently.  Did anyone take action?  Did anyone write a concerned note to the sponsors of the shows?  Did anyone check a product list the next time they shopped and pick an alternate product?  Did anyone turn off like-minded shows?

America is on a one way infatuation trip with sensuality.  Shows like Two and Half Men, Bachelor, Dancing with The Stars, reveal an unreal focus on sex as life.

Sex is not life.  It is a holy portion of a great life.  It is a joined expression of marital love.  At least, that is the created intent.  Like other parts of life, we tend to use beauty for ashes.

Community angst jumped visibly with a Miley Cyrus / Ron Thicke routine.  What about Dancing with the Stars where the sensuality and lack of clothing among strangers is common?  Is that ok?  Is Hooters and Twin Peaks and sales by sensuality so okay with us that we don’t notice anymore?

Fathers have a responsibility to teach a different standard.  By giving good guidance to their sons and daughters in their behaviors, they can change the curve.

Fathers – turn off sensuality on your media.  Shake yourself.  What is the theme of what you are watching in front of your children and in your private?  For much of what is being displayed there is no maturity level where it is acceptable.  It is wrong.  Quit fooling yourself.  Turn it off.  I’ve found it helpful to just move to Netflix where I can skip commercials and control content.

Fathers – don’t buy what is sold with sex.  Get sensitive.  When you see a product sold by sensuality whether it is toothpaste or potato chips or beer or an automobile, make a list and shop for alternative product.  Be visible with your family on this one.

Fathers – watch your eyes.  Are they wandering?  Do you really think others don’t see where your head turns on the street?

Fathers – accentuate the good in life.  Talk about  real beauty of the soul and heart.  Emphasize good living and helpful action.  Your teens should be saying things like, “Dad, get real.  People just aren’t that good.”  They should be saying that because you are talking against the curve of negativity and use of individuals and focused on positive and helping emphasis.

Fathers – have good healthy male relationships.  Spend time with other men.  Let your kids and others know about it.  Let them know you value healthy living by valuing it. Quit walking alone.  It leads to sensuality focus.  It does.

Fathers – stay in tune.  I read facebook posts and blogs by twenty-somethings regularly to keep my understanding level open.  It is shocking.  It causes me to weep and pray. The loneliness and reaching out for attention by so many is hard to take.  Make it a matter of prayer.

There is a lot of good out there.  Find the good.  Focus on it.  Attend to evil.  Focus away from it.  Offer help and friendship to your children and others based on a full life.  Sex is not life.  Life is not sex.

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