What’s A Dad?

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A dad is the guy who just threw a 1 year old into the ceiling fan lifting him up to the ceiling.

A dad is the guy trying to put together a tent at a campout and he can’t figure out the support pieces.

A dad is the guy with six fish hook pricks in ten minutes baiting hooks for everyone else.

A dad is the guy in suit and tie under the car on a muddy road changing the tire.

A dad is the guy staring at his phone worrying when his 16 year old daughter is out on a date. But, he tries to pretend he’s waiting for a call from work.

A dad is the guy on the roof retrieving a whiffle ball hit wild.

A dad is the guy on the bicycle looking really awkward riding alongside his speedy son.

A dad is the loudest voice on the sideline of the soccer field.

A dad, well he’s just a dad.  You know.



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