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Such a fun moment – Lifelong Dads, Kids Need ‘Em.

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This was such a fun moment, I had to share.  Wish Sarah, Jesse’s wife, could have been with us.  She counts among my daughters.  My wife, Dian, and I are blessed with two wonderful daughters, Angela and Lisa, who are out changing their communities.  Then Saryn, my granddaughter, joined us for a Father/Daughter event.  It is my joy to serve them as dad and granddad.

They have loved me and live through all my mistakes as a dad and the ones I still have yet to make.  Lifelong Dads, Kids Need ‘Em.

There are others that call me Poppa.  They’ve adopted me.  Bendiciones, Beatriz, Marthe, y Elizabeth.  Ustedes son hijas de mi corazón.

How beautiful it is to love and be loved.

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