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Absent fathers..I felt betrayed when my dad left

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'I lost all faith in a man I had once adored’ - Tom Sykes and his wife Sacha, with their first child Benjamin when a toddlerThe pain experienced by kids goes well into adult life from fathers walking away.

“By Tom Sykes

6:05AM GMT 21 Nov 2013

The revelation that an eighth of Britain’s divorced dads – about 130,000 men – have no contact with their children is one of the most pathetic statistics to come out of a new report by the National Centre for Social Research, and inevitably reminded me of my own experience growing up without regular contact with my father.

There is no good time for your parents to separate, and for your contact with your father to be reduced to occasional letters, but being a 14-year-old boy felt like a particularly awful moment for such a family implosion to strike.”

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