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What the Duck? Phil Robertson’s Interview.

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gq“As far as Phil is concerned, he was literally born again. Old Phil—the guy with the booze and the pills—died a long time ago, and New Phil sees no need to apologize for him: “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?””

My thoughts:  This is a great interview.  It appears honest and reflective.  Though the author is not Christian, he appears to give Phil an honest reflection.  Phil’s honesty is refreshing and gives his family a stick in the ground on which they can depend.  Every father should be clear and open with his beliefs to his children and his community.  Maybe we all don’t need to be as blunt.  But, hey, a few blunt folks keep us all honest.  What do you think?

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