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Father’s bond comforts Jesuit pitcher,

Father’s bond comforts Jesuit pitcher, Oregon State commit Christian Martinek as MLB decision approaches –

Are you a PMO or a PCO?

Excellence in Operations and Communications

Entitlement breeds discontent.  There really is no productive way to look at entitlement.  Don’t read this if you like entitlement organizations.  Don’t read this if you enjoy getting something for existing.

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  Margaret Thatcher

Business, NGO, and government must face the question.  Are a PMO or a PCO?

“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”  Abraham Lincoln

PMO – Poverty Maintenance Organization

PCO – Positive Change Organization

PMOs proliferate under social thrusts.  The easy part of being a charitable organization is asking people to give for compassionate repair and reparation and life needs.  Food, clothes, housing, and basics are all needed.  People will give to maintain a certain level of poverty in another’s life.  Poverty is the mentality that there is never enough resource and my efforts will never…

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Listen – The Event Updates

Listen – The Event – Change the Statistics
Flyer Download to Use This Week – hand out, email, promote…
If you are already registered, you can get ahead and donate now instead of waiting for the day. Below is a secure online link. We ask $50 for a single person and $650 for a table of ten. Because of gracious givers, all funds will go directly to support an honorarium for Dr. Canfield, pay his expenses, and our work at Tulakes Elementary, Jesus House, online, Gainesville, Tx, and Marietta, Ok… training fatherless fathers.

You can also mail to Community Transformation Initiative (501c3) 508 Tumbleweed Dr, Yukon, Ok 73099 or just bring cash or check to the event. We do need head count to allow for right food amounts and table setups.

There is a great team of workers to support the event, so come and participate in the conversation.

Who will you bring with you? Leaders lead.

Donation for Listen – The Event…. Help us help families