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Dad’s University Registration

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Dad's University on FaceBookLifelong Dads.  Kids Need ‘Em.

Next Dad’s University:  Gainesville, Texas –onmyshoulders

Host: Hope Connection 3404 N. Grand Ave  940.580.4887

Sept 8th for 12 weeks at 5:30pm  Three payments of $45 at first, fifth, and nineth session…REGISTER BELOW so we can have workbooks ready.

Real men need real education in fathering.   Unleash your father power to build more personal satisfaction in your life and the lives of those that call you, Dad.

Being a dad can be a tough job at times.   It is worth your effort.  Your kids need you.  Dad’s University will help you gain understanding of key dynamics of consistency, active listening, nuturing, support, protecting and providing, and equipping that are important to you and your child.

You’ll have fun on this day.  You will laugh and cry and find new joy in your job as Dad.

Personality profile will assist you in focusing your efforts as a Dad on what will make the most difference for your family.

Whether you are in the home with your children or doing the work of a Dad and living outside of the home, your kids need you to be the best Dad you can be with the time you have with them.

It is a wonderful job.  Doing it with increased knowledge and help just makes it better.


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