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Get Your Groove Back For The Fatherless

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batonGet your groove back!

June and July have been a time of working on my groove.  Intense months add up.  They pull at strength and elasticity.

This article from the past speaks to me.  Three Hats

Sometimes I just read my own stuff and get recharged.  It is good to remember our velocity, veracity, and vitality all balance.  Losing vitality can remove you from effectiveness.  Velocity is the ability hit a timely target that has meaning.  Veracity means being you, fully you.

So this Summer, I’ve rested on some items while allowing my creativity and concern a time to stew and gain clarity.

This picture has two images.  One is the baton Dr. Ken Canfield gave to me in 2001 as a challenge to father the fatherless.  The other is the world.  It is my world, my sphere that needs influencing.

What is your world?  Mine is Oklahoma City, Canadian County-Ok, Love County-Ok and Cooke County-Tx specifically and 34 state legislative bodies nationally.  It encompasses schools, government,  courts, congregations, and business.

What is your focus?  Mine is the fatherless and fractured families.

What is your POA? (Plan of Attack)  One of mine is the creation of Dad’s University dvds customized to location to move from reaching hundreds to reaching thousands.  We’ll go for tens of thousands later.  One step at a time here.

You have opportunity to be a part of the next thrust to thousands.  I need mentors, trainers, and givers.  GIVE HERE

If you want to volunteer, shoot me a note. VOLUNTEER HERE

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